I am a big fan of Cornitos Nachos and Nuts but recently I tried Cornitos Crusties in all 6 flavours. The best part of Crusties is fully baked and made with Chana, Rajma & Potato. This is very lite and has a unique funky zig zag shape. Truly speaking unique flavour of Crusties is Highly addictive.

- Ursheeta Das

I'm a hardcore foodie and I'm always looking for some snack or the other and in the whole process I neglect my health! But thank god I found Cornitos Crusties... Never knew healthy things can be so damn tasty! I mean it's cholesterol-free, baked, gluten-free and a source of protein as well! Couldn't ask for more!

- Niti Tarneja

Love this Chickpea Crusties Dilli chaat. It is seasoned with the perfect blend of flavours that gives an authentic street food of Dilli Chana Chaat.
No need to go for the chaat when we have cornitos Dilli chaat snacks. These are made of natural ingredients and rich in protein n fibres...makes it healthy too.

- Adeeba Khan

We love cornitos nachos. When we found out that there was a new product launched by Cornitos, we decided to give it a try! We got the baked potato crusties with Italian cheese flavor. It’s the perfect snack for munching while you are watching movies, hanging out with your friends and family. Give it a shot!

- Sanjit Gupta

I just love their funky zigzag shapes, awesome Cheesy Garlic flavors and the best thing about them is that they are baked! These are my latest guilt-free crustying which I can munch any time of the day!

- Abhijit

I live and work in Muscat, Oman. By chance I came across your Chunky Salsa dip in the local superstore, and decided to try it out of a sense of patriotism. I am totally impressed, and have decided to only buy your products from now on. I will strongly recommend it to all my friends. Keep up the good work, and maintain quality at all times. All the best!

- Dr. Koduvayur Harikrishnan – Muscat, Oman

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making such a delicious, portable snack. I purchased the lightly salted roasted cashews yesterday at a 24Seven. Such a great purchase. Thank you again! Keep up the great work! 

- Margaret Lehmann

Its not just the mind blowing flavours they come in, but the for a change aesthetically designed facades too!

- Karishma

Finally, an awesome snack made in India that features great packaging and superb flavour! Cornitos!- take a bow.

- Mr Abhimanyu Ghoshal

Good product I may say with line above international brands available. Jalapeno is my favourite.

- Mr Sandeep Mehra

Thanks for creating a world-class website, and delicious flavours! Now casual Mexican would be so easy.

- Mr Bhattacharya

I recently bought and finished a whole pack of Cornitos- cheese and herbs, and I must say its totally worth the rupee! I would even pay 300 for the pack because it was totally worth it! I just want to say that you’ve earned the prime spot in my shelf!

- Karma

Travelled to so many countries, I can say these are the best Nacho Chips I have ever eaten… even Doritos failed… yumm I love your salsa dip too… simply amazing.

- Samantha Joseph

I am so proud of my India. Also I am glad that finally nachos and corn chips have arrived. I was buying Doritos and now I am saving my hard earned money to buy an even better taste and half the price… also I love the dip and sea salt flavour corn chips. Keep it up guys.

- Hector

It is commendable that all your flavours are 100% gluten free moreover, all your packets are properly labeled.for those of us intolerant to Gluten, following a gluten free diet for health benefits, Cornitos is the best and the tastiest option available in the market.

- Ms Gauri Chandra

Hello! Good day! First of all I would like to thank you people for making me independent lol(I don’t have to ask my brother everyone and thento cargo Doritos from Dubai since im able to get better version of tortilla chips right here)… my whole family loves it.

- Mr Hafeez

Well I would say you are doing fantastic job by introducing this product in Indian market. It has lot of varieties of flavours and it tastes wonderful. Hat’s off to you guys. Keep doing the great job. Best wished to the Cornitos team.

- Mr Ankur Banga

Really tasty tortilla chips/nachos, tried the cheese variant at international wine festival Bangalore. Definitely worth the price.

- Mr Ramesh Manjunath

I purchased Sizzlin Jalapeno Nachos Chips. Tasted it. They feel just like newly manufactured chips from USA. Very great taste. Would like try all the other varieties. Would like to have them always in my home for self and for my guests. Thank you for creating a world class tasty chips.

- Mohit Saini

I was part of Cornitos Food Bloggers Meet during Food & Hospitality Expo on January 24, 2015 and I must say my day was well spent. My culinary skills were put to hard test. I named my recipe Nacho Delight with baseline- Health bhi, taste bhi!!!

- Bienu Verma Vaghela

I was part of Cornitos Food Bloggers Meet Season 4 in FHW, Mumbai on January 24, 2015. I profusely thank team Cornitos for giving me this opportunity.

- Geetha Sridhar

Review of Cornitos Nacho Crisps Tomato Mexicana, we crunched in to find a very nice spicy tomato  flavour, followed by jalapeno heat in the aftertaste. They truly got the Doritos look spot-on and less brittle than Doritos. Very tasty, great texture… excellent!

- US Chip Tasters taquitos.net

I just discovered Cornitos tortilla chips at the Food Hall supermarket at Senayan City in Jakarta. These are some of the best chips I have ever tasted. A tip of the cap to you for producing a very superior product. Keep up the good work.

- Joel Palmer